Local Veggie Spotlight

Local seasonality dictates our pop-up choices, especially when our shelves are packed with delicious summer produce.

Pictured here is Risotto with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Peas, and garnishes from a garden around the block.


German Night

Our production manager spent a year in Germany, so we’ve served Currywurst, Schweinschnitzel, and Schupfnudeln for more than one dinner!


Pasta Night

The first Thursday of each month, we hand make pasta and use local, fresh products to vary the flavor and type. From agnolotti to tagliatelle, our chefs love to experiment with our most popular pop-up.


House-Made Dessert

Each pop-up features a delectable dessert crafted by our culinary director. You can count on it being the best treat you’ll have all week.

This photo features a Chocolate Passionfruit Torta.